Real Talk

I created this project, "Real Talk" to graduate from the University of Iowa with BFA distinction. I have struggled with anxiety for years, and wanted to use my design work to help others and give them a medium to feel connected and supports. Many students choose to be silent due to the stigma that surrounds mental illnesses/mental health concerns, and it was my goal to help break the stigma and make mental health an easier topic to discuss freely without fear of judgment.

This exhibition was titled “Real Talk”, and was armed with the purpose to engage the audience to anonymously open up about their personal struggles with anixety and depression. There were three components to the show, two of which encouraged people passing by to participate. The third component was a poster series of testimonies of those who’ve suffered from anxiety and depression. The goal of my show was to create a space where people who were suffering alone could feel supported by participating and opening up, and also to start the conversation about mental illnesses in order to break the stigma that surrounds the “not serious” mental illnesses like anxiety and depression. 
I have plans to continue this exhibition, and make it almost like a pop-up show that will happen at different areas on campus, the Iowa City community, as well as holding exhibitions at different universities and colleges within the state of Iowa. 
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