Packaging Project

Graphic Design 2 | Fall 2014: In this project we were assigned a different food or beverage, and then had to create packaging for it. The beverages assigned to me were ginger beer and root beer. At first, I was struggling to come up with a name and original idea for the packaging itself. I knew I wanted the bottles to be glass, and to emphasize the idea of recycling and being green. I was researching different root beer recipes, and stumbled across a resource from the University of Iowa Libraries. It was an old book about the history behind Hire's Root Beer recipe, and "Little Mabel" and her role in discovering the recipe. Mabel was walking through the woods and fell asleep, and little fairies and woodland creatures picked all of the herbs and ingredients and put it into her basket. The animals then decided on the name "Hire's" because it was better than all the rest. I loved the idea of the forest animals and kind of a more rustic, nature-filled label for the root beer. I wanted the lines I created on the label and packaging to be naturalistic and look hand drawn, so I drew them myself. I added in watercolor to continue the theme of a hand created label. I decided 'Little Mabel's Brewing Company' was going to be the name because I wanted the name to embody the ginger beer and the root beer, and also to focus on natural ingredients and home made recipes. I wanted the photos to have the natural ingredients used in each of the recipes included as well to continue to promote the green, natural theme of the beverages. I loved the challenge of this project, and loved the actual construction of the bottles as well!

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