Gadsden Flag - Print

The Gadsden Flag was used as a symbol of American unity and freedom during the Revolutionary War in an effort to protect the rights of Americans. Today, the Tea Party and other Americans who feel the government has too much power use it to express their desire for more freedom. In this print the phrase "Don’t Tread On Me", is juxtaposed with an excerpt from a poem by Edwina Reizer to challenge the negative connotations the phrase and symbol has gained over recent years. 

Do you think this phrase is still applicable?
 Does it still represent American unity and freedom? 
What has to be done to reverse the negative connotations associated with this phrase?

Made with various woodcut type, metal type, and a photopolymer plate. Printed on French Duro-Tone on a Vandercook SP-15 at the University of Iowa Center for the Book in December 2016. 

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